Tsukuru V3 Update now available!

A new major update for Tsukuru has been released!

Tsukuru is a Windows app which gives you a GUI for Source Engine Map Compiles and also a GUI for SourceMod plugin compiles.

The latest update brings a whole bunch of changes, the biggest being a refreshed UI.

As well as that, some new features have been added, bugfixes are included and a lot more documentation has been added.


  • Major UI refresh & overhaul
  • Now based on .NET Core 3.1. As a result of this there is no longer any .NET Framework requirement. 
  • Added documentation to UI.
  • Source Engine Map Compiler: Added ability to control versioning scheme of generated map files
  • Source Engine Map Compiler: Added ability to import and export map compiler settings
  • Source Engine Map Compiler: Added new UI for managing resource packing
  • Source Engine Map Compiler: Added tabbed results interface so you can easily see compile logs from a specific compile process (such as VBSP, VVIS or VRAD).
  • Added Tsukuru translation project support. This allows you to import SourceMod translation files into a single file for maintaining translation keys across multiple languages. You can also export contents of a Tsukuru translation project file back out into SourceMod translation files. An example implementation of this is the Gemidyne Translator Portal.
  • Added a donation link to about Tsukuru page of the app
  • Added error logging so I can fix issues proactively.

https://github.com/gemidyne/tsukuru/releases/tag/ and click on Tsukuru.zip at the bottom of the page.

- Gemidyne Softworks. Posted Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

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