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Microgames in Team Fortress 2 released


Custom gamemode for Team Fortress 2

Players compete against each other to get the most points by playing a series of rapid fire microgames in order to win the round!

This gamemode takes inspiration from Nintendo's WarioWare game series, and aims to provide a fun and crazy experience for players.

Source Code:

Gamemode Credits: Credits page


  • Custom game map with unique microgame and bossgame areas
  • More than 25 microgames
  • 9 unique bossgames
  • Over 20 special rounds, such as Skeletons only and Sudden Death

Servers running the gamemode

  • Red Sun Over Paradise is a Team Fortress 2 community since 2015 which hosts a custom server shop and player inventory. We run no ads and supply a unique experience you have never seen elsewhere.