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Tsukuru released


Augment your Source 1 development workflow with Tsukuru.

Developed originally as an internal tool, Tsukuru optimises your development process by providing a set of useful features to Source Engine Map Developers and SourceMod scripters.

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Features for Source 1 Map Developers

  • Easy to use UI for VBSP, VVIS and VRAD settings
  • Automatic map versioning support with choice of versioning format - Version with date (yyyyMMdd) or incrementing build number
  • Supports patched VRAD for improved multi-core performance
  • BSPZIP Resource Packing UI with optional intelligent packing mode - allows for only used files to be packed into a BSP
  • Automatic file/asset templating - allowing for map specific files to be generated and contents to be replaced via the use of tokens
  • BSP Repack support - to further compress data within a BSP
  • Shareable compiler settings support - allows you to share your map compile settings with your team
  • Realtime output from compiler processes, organised into its own process tab so you can view logs easier
  • Integrated game launcher support - once your map compiles you can load the map into the game engine directly from Tsukuru

Features for SourceMod plugin authors

  • Easy to use UI for batch plugin compiles
  • Ability to execute a CMD file after a build completes for automation
  • Automatic build / version number management
  • Copy plugins to clipboard on successful compile


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